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Elite pharmacy


Executive Summary

     Elite Pharmacy Co. was established in 2010 by dermatologists having I big career in the medical practice in the UAE as Elite Medical Center (EMC) www.eliterak.com for the aim of patient awareness and clinical training .The idea being behind establishing a local-regional manufacturing & marketing firm with high calibers of global experience, with visionary that always wins, armed and furnished with pillars of expertise in diversified business directions in our territories: MENA Area –Turkey , Malaysia , Singapore - was a definite result of the needs & demands in our marketplace for a Truly Business Oriented firm that can promote and sell high quality products for solving most of the problematic cases in our local & regional marketplaces.

Company Profile

    This ambitious vision can come true and be of reality only if full collaboration took place between partners (Vender and Agent) and was accomplished on a WIN-WIN base, working together side-by-side shoulder-by-shoulder, sharing ideas, suggestions and solutions ended with remarkable” success stories”.

     We Elite harmacy. believe in this irresistible combination of uniqueness in business partnership that would attract and satisfy both involved parties and would encourage them to forge a long-lasting business relationship based on a solid back ground of professionalism, understanding and transparency.

     Elite pharmacy. has the willingness , ability and the capability to represent different foreign brands and to act on their behalf as an exclusive distributor or licensee, in our region.

     Our desired objective is to work on an exclusive basis, preferably with non-previously represented products, nevertheless, Tal-Intl. welcomes the previous and existing ones.

    Experience and determination are our pillars for success.

Who we are ??

Vast experienced & qualified team players, determined to succeed , integrating and binding together as one professional team toward one common goal :


General Company Description

Name: Elite Pharmacy Company L.L.C.

Registration #: 36458

Nationality: U.A.E.

Location    : R.A.K.

Partner Group & distributors :Planet Pharmacy

Al Mazroui Medical & Chemical Supplies

MPC Health care


City pharmacy


Tel: 07/2272221

Fax: 07/2271112

P.O.Box: 3678

Scope Of Activity

-  Medical centres , Sole Agencies ,Group of pharmacy , Exclusive Distribution, - Supply high quality products , ,   paramedical , medical devices, dermaceutical , food   supplement, medicated cosmetics ,OTC , disinfections & consumables and medical equipments in our Territories .


   Our vision is to build a well organized, modern , fast growing, leading and productive firm, to pioneer the medical and the consumer sectors through a diverse range of products, with distinctive service and exceptional human resources.


- Build strong management and financial system comply with MIS

- Continuous development and investment in    Human Resource by adopting TQM       

           philosophy and TM.

- Investing in operational facilities and means  to best serve our needs.

- Create and increasing market demand and awareness for products we represent .

- Innovatively cater to the needs of the markets needs (dermaceutical, OTC , and consumer sectors) - Build a successful business partnership with venders and clients based on sustainable growth and WIN-WIN base

- Maintain quality through the continuous development of our Items and service.

- Focus on Customer Satisfaction Strategy ( Customer care & services).

Create evaluation systems to measure the   accomplishment of our mission and objectives.


Upper Management

- Identify , select & appoint Leaders instead of Managers, to handle-over the business.

- Relay-on the Macro's , Decision-Makers , and eliminate the Micro's

- Add-on the present structure.

- Plan for growth.

HR & Mid. Management
- Identify, determine Job descriptions , duties &     responsibilities for knowledgeable skilled business     members.
- Up-grading team skills by setting training-agendas for capabilities enhancement.
- Re-evaluating the existing HR.
- Proper utilize the existing resources efficiently.


  Building a workable systems to benefit the following vital elements :-

- The marketing winning formula

- Strategic Marketing Plan.

- Build & maintain positive Team-Spiritual-Attitude with commitment.

- Challenging-Creative-Thinking for running the business properly.

Strength of Tal Intl.

* Well Structured

* Well Established

* Excellent Market Reputation

* Solid Finance.

* Excellent HR & quality management.

* Gained the “know-how”.

* Integrated business companies toward one goal.

* Sustainable annually growth.

* Depth in operational management.

Products & Services

We are specialized in marketing & studying the stock exchange, on top of all the finance indicators , in order to be always aware of our position , and be at our utmost readiness for any market mobile and/or changing.

Therefore, we are always here to cater the market needs.

Representing New products is a strengthening point for us in our local market , it would assist in generating more loyal customers and could help us gaining more market share.

We are well prepared to furnish our clients with exceptional after sales service which we are very much concerned to maintain all the way long.

Marketing Structure


* Marketing plays a vital role in successful  business ventures.

* The key element of a successful marketing plan is  to know our customer’s likes, dislikes and expectations,, etc.

* First we have to target those customers who are  likely to purchase our products and/or services (Clinics, Centers, Hospitals ,pharmacies, beauty saloons, beauty centers ,  perfumeries, spas)

Our Market Characteristic

1- Good potential for market growth.

2- Fewer barriers to entry (new products)

3- Opportunity for competitive advantages.

4- Seasonal Stability in Customer demands.

5- Medium capital investment required.

6- Good prospects for increasing market share.

7- Reasonable R.O.I

Management & Organization

* Number of employers: More than 30 employees.

•Board Of Directors: Dr.Mohammed Ghoz                     

Our Team:

President  & CEO – Dr. Mohammed Ghoz

Administration Executive Manager– Samah AbdulHadi

Sales Executive Manager – Rakan Samih

Group of high qualified talented Medical Representatives

Marketing Executive Manager – Abdullah Mansour

Group of High Qualified Talented Medical Representatives

Auditors and Accountants.

Satellite offices in each directory related to our distributors working under the supervision of the main company in UAE.                      


HR & Quality Control

Orientation & Training Cession

- Business Orientation

- Selling  Skills

- Negotiation Skills

- Communication Skills

- Ice Breaking & Meeting Opener

- Marketing Management

   - Innovate Don’t Imitate.
- Planning for Growth.
- Competitive Strategies for Business .
- Latest techniques in Sales &       marketing.
- C.R.M
- Sales Management
- Team Building



- Envyderm -USA

-Phytouqunta food supplements –France 
-medical device & equipment

- Oligoscan- France 


Annual Turnover

Approximately  7,000,000$  

     Thank you ….........